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Knit wool gloves, perfect for fall and winter weather. These are of a quality you won’t be able to find in a store.  All pairs are made to order so if you have funky fingers, I can make it work. Hands big and small rejoice!

Sweater-weight yarn + teeny-tiny needles = hearty gloves

Sizes based on hand circumference: Small (7-8 inches), Medium (8-9.5 inches), Large (9-11 inches)

Wool Gloves $25-35 per pair  Specify color, size, and any special adjustments.  Price varies based on materials.

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Pint-glass coozie.  Mark your glass and keep things cool.  This wrap is 100% cotton, knit with alternating cable twists, providing a stylish grip for even the wildest of nights.

Basic Pint-Pals $7  Assorted colors and patterns to choose from

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What coffee mug couldn’t use a 100% cotton knit coozie?  This article is perfect for keeping your drinks hot or cold.  The stretchy material hugs your mug and secures tightly inside the handle with an unobtrusive button.  Multiple sizes are available to fit all mug types.

Basic Mug-Hugger  $6  Assorted colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from

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Mittens: nice and warm, knit to fit. This pair has a cabled pattern along the back of the hand, bringing not just panache, but function, distinguishing left from right, ensuring a more tailored fit.  All mittens and gloves come with a braided loop for easy storage.  Hang them on a hook, rack, door, or even your favorite coat hanger.

These have been double knit with wool and acrylic yarn for extra insulation.  The tight knit means the winter’s wind will not cut through and the material is certain to keep your hands dry through even the longest of snowball fights.

These were custom ordered and are not available for purchase.